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One of the most delicate and extremely vulnerable feature of your home is the exterior part. Although it was built to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors, homeowners must try to keep everything in order and clean.

When you speak of soft washing, you are dealing with an alternative way of house cleaning. It is a completely different from power and pressure washing. Soft washing is an effective alternative of house cleansing which makes use of chemical solutions that can effectively clean surfaces outside your home efficiently.

A professional soft washing service provider will make use of chemical solutions to clean your house in a very safe manner. The cracks and pores of the exteriors of your house will absorb the solution to easily break down the mildew, dirt and mold. After leaving the solution for a while a professional cleaner will use their low rinse system to get rid of the solutions along with the dirt. This low-pressure washing system relies on the chemical solution.


A specialized low-pressure nozzle is attached to the washing wand or gun. This soft pressure will not damage any surface in your home as well as destroy plants around. It can handle surfaces like patio, roof, deck, fence, and safely maintain the painted surfaces and masonry work.

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